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  1. mayo 3, 2015


    I may be interested in do the course, any option in Spain?


  2. Profile photo of Tatiana Tamai, CEO
    mayo 7, 2015

    Hi Maria,
    welcome to the Booiaka® family! :-) So sorry for late response we just switch to this new site we are in learning process! :-) We are planning the next Booiaka tour in Spain towards the end of the year, we will add your name to our mailing list and inform you on upcoming events soon! BooLove chica! <3

  3. agosto 22, 2015

    I,m from Spain.
    Can you add my name too in your mailing list for inform me on upcoming events soon, please??
    I wanna learn and maybe become instructor!
    A lot of thanks!

  4. Profile photo of Tatiana Tamai, CEO
    febrero 2, 2016

    Hi Angela, we will add you to our mailing list thank you for your request and welcome in the Booiaka family! :-)

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